Veterinary Obstetrics & Reproductive Diseases – Objectives & Philosophy


Our mission is to train undergraduate and postgraduate students in the modern procedures and techniques involved in the diagnosis of infertility, treatment of reproductive diseases, and maintenance of optimum reproductive efficiency in livestock and companion animals. We are also involved in several basic and applied research in laboratory and farm animals within the department, and across related fields in parasitology, animal nutrition, and animal science and breeding. Animal reproduction (Theriogenology) is both an art and a science dealing with the reproductive health and reproductive diseases of animals.  The science embodies specialized knowledge gained through training, observation and research, while the art involves the acquisition of skills and the ability to handle animal reproduction problems. The importance of enhanced reproduction in the overall profitability of livestock enterprises cannot be overemphasized.  Our efforts, ultimately, are geared towards the enhancement of national livestock production and the provision of adequate animal food products, and the improvement of companion animals’ welfare.