Prof. I. C     Nwaogu                                       Dean

Professor R. I. Obidike                                  Associate Dean

Professor J. I. Ihedioha                                 Director of Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Professor I. C. Nwaogu,                                 Coordinator FVM Courses

Professor C. N Uchendu                                University Appraisal Committee

Professor A. O. Anaga                                    Research Grant Committee

Professor R.C. Ezeokonkwo                          Scholarship of Post Graduate committee

Professor C. O. Nwosu                                   Publication Committee

Dr. I. S. Ochiogu                                              Senate Examination Committee

Dr. I.S. Igwebike                                              Curriculum Committee

Dr. Mrs. N. E Nweze                                       Faculty Time-table Committee

Dr. V.E. Ezenduka                                          Scholarship Committee

Dr. V. U. Omoja                                              Convocation Committee

Dr. C.A. Nweze                                               Honorary Degree committee

Dr. F .O. Abonyi                                             Seminar Committee

Dr. W.S Ezema                                               Entrance Board

Dr. Mrs. C.J. Aronu                                       Library Committee

Dr. D.G. Anosa                                               School of General Studies

Dr. L.O. Obasi                                                 Veterinary Farm Chaiman

Dr. I.O. Ezeh                                                   Ceremonial Committee

Dr. Mrs. R.I. Udegbunam                            Coordinator of Clinics

Dr. P. A. Nnadi                                               Consultancy Committee

Dr. G.C. Okpe                                                 Faculty Representative in Senate

Dr. C. Ezema                                                   Faculty Representative in senate

Dr. I.K. Idika                                                   Housing committee

Dr. C.O. Nwaigwe                                           Vehicle Loan Committee

Dr. J.I. Onunkwo                                            Environmental Committee

Dr. C.I. Iheagwam                                           SIWES Programme

Mr. J.I. Ezeh                                                     Secretary to Dean

Comrade P.O. Erua                                         Faculty Officer

Mrs. O.C Onyiga                                              Finance Officer

Mrs. .N. Obidike                                              Faculty Librarian